Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv License

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Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv
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Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv
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Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv
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Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv
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Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv
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Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv
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Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv
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Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv License Driver's Data Division Shares Utah Illegally Audit Kutv License
SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — The state is illegally sharing personal data from driver's licenses, a recent state audit says. The Utah Driver License Division is sharing data such as Social Security...Audit: Utah driver's license division illegally shares data | KUTV

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