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  1. just wondering if anyone here knew of a good place in new york city (preferably manhattan or brooklyn) that sells good looking fake ids. also not for too expensive. thanks d
  2. around my way in Maryland fakes are bought from just some guy that does them in his spare time. you pay him 125, give him your current ID and then he tinkers with it.
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    Fake Arizona Card Id
    they are all over manhatten..most convience stores do it.. look for signs that says "We sell ID's" i see them all the time in bk and queens.
  4. i live in the city and have seen those signs in brooklyn, but the quality is horrendous. they're basically novelty id's that look nothing close to legit and acceptable
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    Whatever you do, do not get a cheap fake. If you did, you'd pretty much be paying to increase your chance to go to jail.
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    I read a few instruction write-ups on how to make them on TOTSE but the site is shut down now. They went as far as to assume a dead person's identity that way even a cop could scan your ID and it would come up as someone who isn't you and is dead but he doesn't know. No more speeding tickets lol.

    Also watch out I know in VA you have to go to the Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control store to buy hard and they will scan your ID to make sure its legit or whatever.
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    I'm skeptical about using any websites for a fake ID. I have been searching for someone who is able to do something like that for me, is it possible you can give me his information..or do you know of any one in Massachussetts who can do it if not?
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    Fake Arizona Card Id Legitfakeid Fake Arizona Card Id Legitfakeid
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